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DEPOSIT | Fine Art Commission

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I can create a custom painting for you for any occasion. To initiate the commission please pay your $25 deposit. This deposit will allow you to schedule a 60 minute consultation about your commission. We will discuss your ideas, needs, sizes, delivery schedule & needs. This deposit is nonrefundable BUT will be added to the total cost of your commissioned art piece. If you decide NOT to move forward with the piece you will not receive a refund for this deposit. 

FAQ's about this offering: 

What size is the painting? These pieces can be any size. Price is determined partially by size. 

What medium will be used? That depends on your needs. I work in Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Ink, Watercolors BUT most of my work is Mixed Media

Can you do an exact portrait of a person or place? I could but that's not really my style. If you're looking for a classic portrait or landscape painting I am not your artist. I am happy to make recommendations.

Why would someone purchase one of these commissions? Most often these are commissioned as memorials but I also do them for special occasions, milestones and just because having a painting made just for you is fucking awesome. 

How long do commissions take to create? That depends. I recommend at least four months of lead time, when possible. Anything shorter than that will cost more. 

Can you ship the paintings? Yes I can ship pieces. Shipping cost are calculated by size & weight so we will discuss the estimated cost of shipping during this initial session and throughout the process. It's also possible to pick up pieces locally. 

If you have additional questions you can always message me before you pay the deposit.